Thank You Letters

Congratulations on receiving a Roughrider Foundation Scholarship!  Your award is possible because a family, organization, or business chose to honor or remember an individual or group by donating funds.  Your scholarship may be from one donor OR a combination of donors. 

Although your award will be announced at the scholarship awards program, the information will be printed in the awards program and will share: 1) the name of the individual, organization, or business recognized and 2) if the award is in memory of or in honor of, and 3)  the donor(s).   Your thank you letter will be sent to each donor.

The thank you letter should begin with a Salutation ( a greeting) and is often “Dear (Person’s name).  Be sure to include the person’s title if you know it, such as Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., etc.   (Example:  Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,)  After the Salutation, there should be 2-3 paragraphs.

Paragraph 1:  Introduce yourself!  Share information about your school involvement/activities, work, interests, etc.  Help the reader get to know you.

Paragraph 2:  Your plans for the scholarship – where do you plan to attend college, what will you study, why you chose the college, what you are looking forward to about college, etc.  What is your career goal?  Where do you hope to be in 5 – 10 years?

Paragraph 3:  Thank the donor for the scholarship award.  Remember, if the award is “in memory of” an individual, be sure you thank the donor for choosing to honor the memory of the person with a scholarship.  If “in honor of”, thank the individual, group, or business for the award.  Share how the scholarship will make a difference in your education.  Remember to thank the donor for choosing to give to the Roughrider Foundation!

After the Body of your Letter, you will close with a “Complimentary Close”.   This is a short and polite remark that ends your letter.    It may be “Thank you”  “ Regards”  “Sincerely”   “Best wishes” “ With many thanks”.   Below the Complimentary Close,  you will sign or write your name.

Getting Your Letters to Us

Please use the form below to upload your completed thank you letter. You can also email your letters in Word or PDF format to Your letters will be sent on your behalf to the donor(s).  Remember, if there is more than one donor, you will upload a letter for each.  Your Salutation will change on each letter!

Saying “thank you” is important.  Keep in mind that the thank you letter is REQUIRED.