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CHS Class of 2024 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2024 Roughrider Scholarship Fund recipients of $1,000 each towards their continued education.

Aguilar, VivianIn honor of Sammy Arnold (SC Bass Anglers)
Almaguer, KailiIn memory of Norris Askew (SC Bass Anglers)
Arcibar, JasonIn memory of Tonya Simmons Bailey
Arena-Mateos, JasminIn memory of Pam Baldwin
Bailey, KameronIn memory of Alana Brooke Parker
Betancour, AshleyIn memory of Stanley Burgay (SC Bass Anglers)
Bird, JulieIn memory of Judy Foster
Bluh, MooIn honor of Tyson Foods / In honor of Pilgrims Pride
Calhoun, CassidyIn memory of Lewis and Johnnie Brown
Camacho, DianaIn memory of Cody Daniel Bush
Cartwright, MichihiyaIn honor of the Center Noon Lions Club / in memory of Army Spc. Larry Polley
Clark, RenaIn honor of Doice Grant (Band Boosters)
Cockrell, ReeseIn memory of Davis Tilliotson
Cordoba, KarenIn honor of James "Jim" Jones (Band Boosters)
Cortez, AlanIn memory of Bo Barbe
Cross, EmonteIn memory of De'Skyshen Crockett
Crouch, CarsonIn memory of James Greer and honor of Becky Greer
De La Cruz, KeilaIn memory of James and Mona Campbell / In memory of Rick Campbell
Denby, BrannonIn memory of Jason Fulbright
Diaz, OsvaldoIn memory of Brent Barr
Dixon, KadenIn memory of Melvin M. Miller
Duarte, LizbethIn honor of Shelby Savings Bank / In memory of Clyde Monroe
Espino, AdrianIn memory of Bob & Mildred Pinkston / In memory of Bobby Pinkston
Ford, John AustinIn memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque
Ford, KateIn memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble / In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones
Galvan, MayraIn memory of Jason Covington
Galvan, Kate In honor of the 2016 Anniversary Band
Garcia, YulianaIn memory of Mann and Catherine Pinkston
Garrett, AkeelahIn memory of Requanah Santifer
Glasson, EveaIn honor of Farmers State Bank
Gutierrez, AllenIn honor of PORTACOOL, Inc.
Hall, SayreIn memory of Gene Borders
Hernandez, AlondraIn memory of Mitchell Jetton (family)
Hernandez, EsmeraiIn memory of Virginia Jetton
Hernandez, LuisIn memory of Byron McDaniel (Band Boosters)
Hill, TazirahIn memory of Gene Walker and memory of Dolores Walker
Horton, Jr., DamienIn honor of the Pride of Shelby County Band
Htoo, Eh BlutIn memory of Mitchell Jetton (Lions) / In memory of McNeil and Bonnie Moore
Johnson, LanaijahIn memory of Lexi Jones
Jimenez, AiramIn honor of Dr. William and Eleanor Ginn / In memory of Dr. Victor & Wava Mathews
Khaing, Aung LayIn memory of Bruce Koonce (SC Bass Anglers)
Lester, TraceIn memory of John Alvis Howard - Rotary Club
Lester, TrevorIn memory of the Rotary Club / In honor of Carlos & Cathy Fox in memory of Ted Fox
Lopez, AmandaIn honor of General Shelters
Lopez, AshleyIn memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan
Lout, ColbyIn memory of Kyle Bush
McCollister, MarkaleIn memory of Jermichael R. Smith/ In honor of F.L. Moffett Primary School
McDaniel, BraileighIn memory of Danny Clint Fenton
McKinney, MaelynnIn memory of Bobby Lee
Morales, BrisaIn memory of Geral Fagan (Band Boosters)
Morin, KevinIn memory of Dean Stewart (Band Boosters)
Osman, SalmanIn memory of Del Shofner / In memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr.
Pace EanIn memory of James Greer
Parker, JaxonIn memory of David Specter
Paw, See Pee EhIn memory of Gilbert Link / In memory of Gregory "Greg" Luman
Postell, JalenIn memory of Billy G. Bridges, Sr.
Py, RowIn memory of Ray Jones-Center Motor Company / In memory of Tolbert Foster
Rachel, ChloeIn memory of Pat Buddin/ In memory of Darren Wilson
Ramirez, HectorIn memory of Clint Weaver
Ramirez-Flores, GenesisIn memory of the 2016 Band ( Band Boosters)
Riley, KristinaIn memory of Jon, Misty and Macy Bush
Rivera, ScherlinIn memory of Mac & Mattie Lou Bussey / In memory of Lucretia Bussey
Rodriguez-Moreno, EdwinIn memory of Carlton and Hulon Dance
Rojas, MaximusIn memory of Mattie Dellinger / In memory of Roy and Wilma Wolley
Roldan, CristianIn honor of the Class of 1981 / In memory of Ken Sanders
Samford, JordynIn memory of Luke "Jack" Motley, Jr.
Simpson, ZaebrianaIn honor of Hallmark/Center Fixture Operations
Soe, Eh Tha YuIn honor of Becky Yarborough-Jeans / In honor of the Class of 1977
Soe, Nee LerIn honor of Judy Bowers / In memory of Virginia Leann Fenley
Standley, ParisIn honor of Cecil and Virginia Lampley Watlington
Tomlin, RykerIn memory of Terry and Pam Bailey / In memory of Mitchell Bailey
Trejo, DavidIn memory of Patricia Lawrence
Valadez, FatimaIn memory of James Roscoe and Evie Lee McSwain
Wall, Ashlyn In honor of the Class of 1965
Wall, RileyIn memory of Vance Payne
Ware, Ja'BraylnIn memory of F.E. Parker / In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Massey
Whaley, R'LeshalinIn honor of Fred Wulf / In memory of Earl Biggars
Wilburn, LanceIn honor of Center Youth Baseball
Wright, RosalynIn memory of Joy Ellington Weaver
Youngblood, WhitleyIn memory of Martin Weaver
Zendejas Gulillen, GiselleIn memory of Rena & Julian Taylor / In memory of Andrew "Andy" Chance

CHS Class of 2024 Service Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2024 Roughrider Scholarship Fund Service Award recipients of $2,000 each toward continuing their education.

Scholarship applicants were allowed to earn additional funds by participating in at least two out of four service activities sponsored by the Roughrider Scholarship Foundation.  Students benefit financially when they give back through volunteer service which builds a stronger community and makes a difference in the lives of others.

Arena-Mateos, Jasmin
Bailey, Kameron
Bentancour, Ashley
Bird, Julie
Calhoun, Cassidy
Camacho, Diana
Clark, Rena
Cockrell, Reese
Cordoba, Karen
Cortez, Alan
Crouch, Carson
Denby, Brannon
Ford, John Austin
Ford, Kate
Galvan, Mayra
Garrett, Akeelah
Glasson, Evea
Hall, Sayre
Hernandez, Alondra
Hernandez, Esmerai
Hernandez, Luis
Horton, Jr., Damien
Htoo, Eh Blut
Jimenez, Airam
Johnson, Lanaijah
Khaing, Aung Lay
Lopez, Amanda
Lopez, Ashley
Lout, Colby
McKinney, Maelynn
Paw, See Pee Eh
Postell, Jalen
Ramirez, Hector
Ramirez-Flores, Genesis
Riley, Kristina
Rivera, Scherlin
Rodriguez-Moreno, Edwin
Soe, Eh Tha Yu
Soe, Nee Ler
Tomlin, ryker
Trejo, David
Valadez, Fatima
Wall, Riley
Ware, Ja'Brayln
Wilburn, Lance
Wright, Rosalyn
Youngblood, Whitley
Zendejas, Giselle
Galvan, Kate
Arcibar, Jason
De la Cruz, Kelia
Diaz, Osvaldo
Duarte, Lizbeth
Espino, Adran
Garcia Yuliana
McCollister, Markale
McDaniel, Braileigh
Morin, Kevin
Pace, Ean
Simpson, Zae'Briana

2024 Roughrider Academy Graduates

Congratulations to the 2024 Roughrider Academy Graduates

Brown, RachelIn honor of the Classes of 1941, 1956, 1957
Gonzalez, CadyIn memory of Mr. Gene Biddle
Ivey, DannyIn memory of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Boles/In honor of John D. Griffin
Lay, JordanIn memory of C.P. (Prentice) & Daliah Sanders/In memory of Aileen and Forney Parker
Leon, TaniaIn memory of Rayford & Margaret Copelin; In honor of the Class of 1960
Lovell, DannikaIn memory of Gail & Toopie Cuculic/In honor of The Cuculic Kids
Parish, HaleyIn memory of Mr. & Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr./ In memory of Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Neilson, Sr.
Prosser, JaydenIn memory of Gail Cuculic and honor of Janie Cuculic
Smith, AbbiIn memory of Inez Alford Harper and James E. Harper/ In honor of the Class of 1940
Waller, KatlynIn memory of Kathryn Vaughn/ In memory of Gail Cuculic

2024 Poultry Festival Raffle

Reese Cockrell  Р$1000.00