Memorial Plaques

Roughrider Scholarship memorial plaques have become a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. For every memorial given to the Foundation, a card is sent to the family acknowledging the donation.

Memorial Plaques

When donations total $ 5,000 the memorialized individual’s name and photo are engraved on a beautiful plaque which is then placed on permanent display in Center High School.  A scholarship named after the plaque recipient is given each year on scholarship night.

The Roughrider Scholarship Fund also offers other levels for Memorial Plaques starting at $5,000 for the Brass Level and up to $100,000 for the Platinum Level. See below for all the giving options for RSF Memorial Plaques.

Corporate Giving

Other Ways to Give

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Brass Level
Bronze Level
Silver Level
Gold Level
Platinum Level

Fundraisers and Events

We organize events and ceremonies throughout the year. Take a look at some upcoming events.

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