How to Make a Donation

The Roughrider Scholarship Fund offers multiple ways to make donations or help with fundraising. From corporate to private donations, there are ways everyone can help.

Individual Donations


Individual donations can be in any amount.

Corporate donations


Corporate donations support our community.

Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaques

On permanent display at CHS.


Planned Giving

Perpetuating Opportunities for the Next Generation.

Donations by Individuals

Anyone can donate to the Roughrider Scholarship fund. Every donation is appreciated. To make an individual donation, please contact the RSF or click the PayPal button below.

The Roughrider Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  All monetary donations are tax deductible.

Corporate Giving

The Scholarship Fund welcomes corporate gifts as a way for companies to give back to the communities where they do business. Click the button to read more about how companies, businesses, and corporations can donate.

Memorial Plaques

Memorial Plaques are available in four different amounts. The plaques hang on permanebt display at Center High School. Click the button below to read more about making this donation.

Planned Giving

Planned giving allows donors to give back to the school, community, and teachers and to provide opportunity for future generations.

Fundraisers and Events

We organize events and ceremonies throughout the year. Take a look at some upcoming events.

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