Scholarship Interview Information

Center High School students who would like to receive a scholarship through The Roughrider Scholarship Fund must submit the application and complete the student interview with the Scholarship Committee. Please read the following information that will help students prepare for their interview.

Preparing for Your Interview

The Roughrider Scholarship application is composed of two parts:  the application and the interview; both are required for a scholarship to be awarded.  The interview is designed to provide the interview committee the opportunity to learn about you, the person, in addition to what was submitted on the application.

Interviews are held on the high school campus during the school day.  Each applicant will be called out of class to have an opportunity to participate in the Roughrider Scholarship Interview.   To help you prepare, review the tips below:

Do your research – prepare!

If you were going to give a student scholarship funds, what information would you want to know about that person?   Some possible questions could be:

  • What activities did you participate in while in high school?  Clubs, organizations, athletics, work-study program, etc.    
  • What career are you interested in?  How do you plan to prepare for that career…college, certificate, etc.
  • What college or technical school will you attend?  Why did you select that school?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years or 10 years?
  • How did high school prepare you for college?  Do your grades reflect your ability?

Ask your teachers, parents, or mentors about possible questions and PRACTICE what you would say if asked.

Be Yourself

You know yourself better than anyone – be authentic.  Be honest and conscious of what you say.  If you do not know an answer, do not bluff or “make something up”.  Ask for clarification to make sure you understand the question and, if you don’t understand, say you do not know.

Scholarship Interview

Be Conscious of Your Behavior and Speech

Sitting still, making eye contact, and maintaining good posture gives you the appearance of being calm and collected.  Be confident in your answers.  Remember not to say, “ah”, “uh”, “you know”, and “like”.  Do not use “stuff” as a noun.

Make a Good Impression. Entering and Leaving

  • Dress appropriately.  Impressions are important.  Dress presentably for the interview.
  • Introduce yourself when you enter.  You may choose to shake hands or not.  Be seated and sit up straight.  Lean slightly forward to show interest.
  • Leave with a “thank you” and a firm handshake.   
  • If you choose to write the interviewers a thank you note, give it to the scholarship coordinator. It will be mailed or delivered.