Scholarship Recipients

Roughrider Scholarship Foundation Recipients – Class of 2016

Roughrider Foundation

In memory of Norris Askew – Colton Ethridge

In memory of Mitchell Bailey – Kasen Lucas

In memory of Pam Baldwin – Abbey Eddins

In memory of Bo Barbe – Jonathan Brent Hudspeth

In memory of Brent Barr – Jacob Wheeler

In memory of Gene Biddle – Jacqueline Alvarado

In memory of Earl Biggers – Tiffany Adams

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Boles – Kamisha Evans

In memory of Gene Borders – Jasa Rodgers

In memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque – Malory Nehring

In memory of Billy G. Bridges, Sr. – Ally Hughes

In memory of Lewis and Johnnie Ruth Brown – DaCorey McGee

In honor of Bruce Triangle Pacific & Shelby Regional Hospital – Bryan Lopez

In memory of Homer Bryce – Amber Bryce

In memory of Pat Buddin – Zoey Stuever

In memory of Stanley Burgay – Daniel Stanford

In memory of Cody Daniel Bush – Matthew Chandler

In memory of Jon, Misty and Macy Bush– Brittany Lawrence

In memory of Mac and Mattie Lou Bussey – Brianna Cox

In memory of Morris Cammack – Estefania Echeverria

In honor of James and Mona Campbell – Juan Garcia

In honor of Center Youth Baseball – Hunter Wigington

In memory of Andrew “Andy” Chance – Nykevia Jones

In memory of Leo Childs – Joel Bender

In honor of the CHS Band 80th Anniversary – Chris Luna

In honor of the CHS Band Boosters Scholarship 2016 – LaChina Williams

In honor of the Class of 1940 – Lorenzo Angel

In honor of the Class of 1941 – Addison Brown

In honor of the Class of 1956 – Kori Bailey

In honor of the Class of 1957 – Marissa Birdwell

In honor of the Class of 1977 – Maritza Cadena

In honor of the Class of 1981 – Parrish Miller

In memory of Rayford and Margaret Copelin – Victoria DuVon

In memory of Jason Covington – Marco Gutierrez

In memory of Gail Cuculic and honor of Janie Cuculic – Angeles Camacho

In honor of The Cuculic Kids – Lilah Fuller

In memory of Gail Cuculic – Jaime Cervantes

In memory of Gail and Toopie Cuculic – Arnol Escobedo

In memory of Carlton and Hulon Dance – Julie Garcia

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr. – Karla Contreras

In honor of the CHS DECA Club – Jasmin Rojas

In memory of Mattie Dellinger – Angela Escobedo

In memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan – Holden Massey

In honor of Gerald Fagan – Sara Lindsey

In honor of Farmers State Bank – Brylee Hendricks

In memory of Danny Clint Fenton – Robert “Bo” Mooney

In memory of Tolbert Foster – Jamya Gaddis

In memory of Carlos Fox, in honor of Kathy Fox and in memory of Ted Fox­ – Megan Handy

In memory of Mallory Franks – Stephanie Chaidez

In memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble – Merari Gonzalez

In honor of General Shelters – Stephanie Presa

In honor of Doice Grant – Amanda Nachman

In honor of James and Becky Greer – Bret Clark

In honor of John Griffin – Deja Goodwin

In honor of Hallmark/Center Fixture Operations – Sarai Ramos

In memory of Inez Alford Harper and James E. Harper – Maria Garcia

In memory of Bridges and Maggie Harris – Damaris Mendoza

In memory of John Alvis Howard  ­ Dioney Garcia

In memory of James R. Innes – Keenen Griffith

In memory of Becky  (Yarborough) Jeans – Wil Tomlin

In memory of Mitchell Jetton (Lions Club) – Tiffany Griffin

In memory of Mitchell Jetton (Family) – LaMarcus Goodwin

In memory of Virginia Jetton – Allison Langford

In honor of James “Jim” Jones – Esmeralda Acosta

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones – Noemi Guerrero

In honor of Ray Jones Chevrolet/Center Motor Company – Daniel Rodriguez

In honor of Bruce Koonce – Elizabeth Hernandez

In memory of Bobby Lee – James Avery Liker

In memory of Gilbert Link – Taylor Morris

In honor the Center Noon Lions Club – Mayra Hernandez

In honor of William “Bill” Lloyd – Jamisha Hubbard

In memory of Gregory Mack Luman – Tyler Morris

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Massey – Tameria Johnson

In memory of Dr. Victor and Wava Mathews – Alexis Salas

In memory of Byron McDaniel – Julie Hernandez

In memory of James Roscoe and Evie Lee McSwain – Payton McSwain

In memory of Richard Menefee – Rosalva Huerta

In memory of Melvin M. Miller – Macy Mayo

In honor of F. L. Moffett Primary School – Hsi Paw

In memory of F. L. Moffett – Zamira Martinez

In memory of Clyde Monroe – Jakala Pilot

In honor of McNeil Moore and  memory of Bonnie Moore – Chloe Gipson

In memory of Luke “Jack” Motley, Jr. – Julian Jimenez

In honor of Nacogdoches Coca Cola Bottling Plant – Andres Leon

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Neilson, Sr. – Charmaine Polley

In memory of Aileen and Forney Parker – Isidro Lopez

In memory of F.E. Parker – Mu Mu

In memory of Vance Payne – Whitney Thomas

In honor of Pilgrims Pride – Zack Ritter

In memory of Bob and Mildred Pinkston – Bertha Morales

In memory of Bobby Pinkston – Tynequa McGee

In memory of Catherine Pinkston – Juana Sanchez

In memory of Mann Pinkston – Tyrone Roland

In memory of Army Spc. Larry E. Polley, Jr. – Marquis Lovell

In honor of Port­A­Cool – Jihadrick McCollister

In honor of the Pride of Shelby County – JoAnna Waller

In memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr. – Lorena Huichapa

In memory of Minnie Jewel Thomas Rogers – Emmalee Tomaszewski

In honor of the Center Rotary Club – Santiago Leon

In memory of C.P. (Prentice) and Daliah Sanders – Delaina Truitt

In memory of Ken Sanders – Tony Garcia

In memory C. Ray Scurlock – Tha Paw

In memory of John Tom Scurlock – Francisco Rios

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Scurlock – Adrian Rubio

In honor of Shelby Savings Bank – Ivan Luna

In memory of Jermichael Rashard Smith – Michael Williams

In memory of David Specter – Esmeralda Jaimes

In honor of the Shelby County Sportsman’s Committee – Isaac Shofner

In memory of Dean Stewart – Johan Gonzalez

In memory of Rena and Julian Taylor – Emily Campbell

In memory of Davis Kain Tillotson – Chris “Bo Buster” Byrnes

In honor of Tyson Foods, Inc. – Daniela Garcia

In memory of Kathryn Vaughn – Zara Sloan

In memory of Delores Walker – Michel Robledo

In honor of Cecil W. and Virginia Lampley Watlington – Pablo Valdez

In memory of Clint Weaver – James Sigler

In memory of Martin Weaver – Olivia Williams

In memory of Darren Wilson – Dustin Bennett

In memory of Roy and Wilma Woolley – Gabriela Castandeda

In honor of Fred Wulf – Joel Rodriguez