Scholarship Recipients

Roughrider Scholarship Foundation Recipients – Class of 2019

In memory of Norris Askew – Gavin Bohannon
In memory of Tonya Simmons Bailey – Jasmine Cooks
In memory of Terry and Pam Bailey – Dayton Bush
In memory of Mitchell Bailey – Alec Dykes
In memory of Pam Baldwin – Kelsey Adair
In honor of the CHS Band: Pride of Shelby County – Maritza Aldalco
In honor of Doice Grant (CHS Band) – Jeremiah Calhoun
In honor of James “Jim” Jones (CHS Band) – Laisha Cardona
In honor of the 2016 CHS Anniversary Band – Mayra Garcia
In memory of Byron McDaniel (CHS Band) – Jesus Gonzalez
In honor of Gerald Fagan (CHS Band) – Mya Gonzalez
In memory of Dean Stewart (CHS Band) – Emmanuel Riley
In memory of Bo Barbe – Sequin Pharris
In memory of Gene Biddle – Ezekiel Arcibar
In memory of Gene Borders – Jacob Garcia-Perez
In memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque – Karolina Contreras
In memory of Billy G. Brides, Sr. – Jalaila Pina
In memory of Lewis and Johnnie Brown – Reanna Arndt
In memory of Homer Bryce – Nahomi Bautista
In memory of Pat Buddin – Emily Cervantes
In memory of Stanley Burgay (SC Bass Anglers) – Alan Tello
In memory of Jon, Misty and Macy Bush – Kamryn Holt
In memory of Cody Daniel Bush – Daylon Fountain
In memory of Mac and Mattie Lou Bussey – Adrianna Barcenas
In memory of Lucretia Bussey – Jennifer Almaguer
In honor of James and Mona Campbell – Nina Walker
In honor of Center Youth Baseball – Joshua Clinton
In memory of Andrew “Andy” Chance – Morgan Porter
In honor of CHS Class of 1941 – Nicholas Fields
In honor of CHS DECA Club – Malik Patton
In honor of CHS Class of 1960 – Gisel Cardenas
In honor of CHS Class of 1977 – Aliyah Castaneda
In honor of CHS Class of 1956 – Patience Cherry
In honor of CHS Class of 1957 – Deskyshen Crockett
In honor of CHS Class of 1981 – Taylor Burch
In honor of CHS Class of 1940 – Elisieo de la Cruz
In memory of Rayford and Margaret Copelin – Raquel Rafael
In memory of Jason Covington (Class of 1980) – Jace Covington
In honor of Gail and Janie Cuculic – Talya Davis
In honor of The Cuculic Kids – Alan Diaz
In memory of Gail and Toopie Cuculic – Albina Florencio
In memory of Gail Cuculic – Diana Escobedo
In memory of Carlton and Hulon Dance – Jazmin Guevara
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr. – Nathan Myers
In memory of Mattie Dellinger – Starla Fischer
In memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan – Isaac Rushing
In honor of Farmers State Bank – Jessica Alvarado
In memory of Virginia Leann Fenley – Lena Amburn
In memory of Danny Clint Fenton – Kalei LaRock
In honor of Carlos and Cathy Fox in memory of Ted Fox – Benjamin Galindo
In memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble – McKenzi Jowers
In honor of General Shelters – Keeli Roberts
In memory of James and honor of Becky Greer – Kamren Bowden
In memory of James Greer – Tyler Herndon
In honor of John D. Griffin – Eh Soe
In honor of Hallmark/Center Fixture Operations – Stephanie Gonzalez
In memory of Inez Alford & James E. Harper – DeBroderick Jones
In memory of Bridges and Maggie Harris – Jasmine Ramirez
In memory of John Alvis Howard – Marchelle Goodwin
In memory of Mitchell Jetton (family) – Alexis Lopez
In memory of Mitchell Jetton (Lions) – Pel Htoo
In memory of Virginia Jetton – Jackelyn Hernandez
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones – Manuel Jimenez
In memory of Lexi Jones – Jakayla Weathered
In honor of Ray Jones Chevrolet and Center Motor Company – Angie Morales
In honor of Bruce Koonce (SC Bass Anglers) – DeKeriae McCoy
In memory of Patricia Kay Lawrence – Joseph Palacios
In memory of Bobby Lee – Bethany Kaluza
In memory of Gilbert Link – Raimi Phillips
In honor of Center Noon Lions Club – Joe Olalde Jackson
In memory of Gregory Mack Luman (Class of 1980) – Alfredo Maldonado
In memory of Dr. Victor and Wava Mathews – Ke’Asmine Johnson
In memory of James Roscoe and Evie Lee McSwain – Hannah Lawson
In memory of Melvin M. Miller – Mallory Fausett
In honor of FL Moffett Primary School – Isabel Rios-Castillo
In memory of Clyde A. Monroe – Hannah Mason
In honor of McNeil Moore and memory of Bonnie Moore – Krystal Keys
In memory of Luke “Jack” Motley, Jr. – Oscar Acosta
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Neilson, Sr. – ThaZin Mu
In memory of Vance Payne – Zitlally Betancour
In memory of Catherine Pinkston – Juan Landeros
In memory of Bobby Pinkston – Enrique Leon
In memory of Mann Pinkston – Dulce Marquez
In memory of Bob and Mildred Pinkston – Israel Mendez
In memory of Army Spc. Larry E. Polley, Jr. – Zacc Smith
In honor of PortACool – Brianna Dicks
In memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr. – Aaron Scates
In memory of Rotary Club – Fabian Morales
In memory of C.P. (Prentice) and Daliah Sanders – Gisel Murillo
In memory of Ken Sanders (Class of 1981) – Keelan Williams
In memory of Requanah Santifer – Jocelyn Berry
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Scurlock – Lah Say
In honor of C. Ray Scurlock – Gisela Solis
In honor of John Tom Scurlock – Juan Solis
In honor of Shelby County Sportsman Committee – Sonya Ruan
In honor of Shelby Savings Bank – Jorge Olalde
In memory of Jermichael Rashard Smith – Blanca Ramirez
In memory of David Specter – Carolyn Scull
In memory of Julian & Rena Taylor – Jacelyn Rhone
In memory of Davis Kain Tillotson (Class of 2009) – Beyonce Bell
In honor of Tyson Food, Inc – Gloria Paredes
In memory of Kathryn Vaughn – Brooklyn Roland
In memory of Dolorse Ann Walker (Class of 1954) – Eduardo Ronquillo
In honor of Cecil W. and Virginia Lampley Watlington – Mark Perkins
In memory of Joy Ellington Weaver – Raylee Wilburn
In memory of Martin Weaver – Lesly Perez Gonzalez
In memory of Clint Weaver – Kade Whisenant
In memory of Darren Wilson – Devon Roland
In memory of Roy and Wilma Woolley – Mariah Nash

Note: Other Roughrider Scholarships were awarded to students at Roughrider Academy.